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Welcome to Seacoast Christian Academy Preschool! Are you looking for one of the best preschools in Jacksonville? We invite you to schedule a tour to see our Bible-centered campus by contacting us at 904-421-3900 or at

Our mission is to teach children about the love of Jesus and the stories, scriptures, and truths found in the Bible. These foundations are taught in every class, starting with infants.



GUIDING STARS OF DUVAL (GSOD) is the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) for child care providers in Duval County. Seacoast Christian Academy has chosen to participate in GSOD to not only meet the basic requirements for licensing set by the State of Florida, but to also hold ourselves accountable to higher standards and “best practices”.  It is our goal to provide a SAFE and HEALTHY environment as well as offering a challenging education for every child in our care.


At Seacoast, we believe the child’s early years are best supported by a stimulating learning environment with interactive lessons focused on important developmental milestones.

Our families find our program to be a fun and engaging experience that focuses on providing a spiritual, academic, and nurturing environment. We strive to build a strong community with our families through communication, parent involvement, and school activities.

Our staff consists of professional, loving teachers who promote high academic standards while keeping the Bible as an integral part of their day. Teachers focus on developing the mind, body, and spirit by teaching and modeling the Christian characteristics taught by Jesus in the Bible. Age appropriate lessons and weekly chapel are designed to help preschoolers understand the Bible and grow to love, praise, and worship God.


Our campus at 8057 Arlington Expressway includes the preschool, elementary, middle and high school. All buildings and grounds comply with local and state regulations, policies, and procedures for Health and Sanitation, Fire Inspections, and Zoning.