Welcome to the Gallery! A note from Ms. Barton before you enjoy the show. 

It is always an adventure leading students down the path of  discovering and developing their  talents. This year as we have been denied so much in the way of closure, we have opened up our first ever virtual art gallery. Unfortunately some of our best work is not here as artwork was not removed from students drawing books. If some of the art angles look a bit weird, this is due to the limitations of shooting artwork that had not been mounted. And you will not be seeing any new paintings. The lockdown interrupted our favorite time of the year as far as lessons go. We have added a special section featuring the art some students had created during the lockdown period. I hope you take the time to browse through our gallery. To my students, I am so proud of how much you have grown and the effort you take in developing your craft. I am looking forward to our studio time being restored. Hugs and Love, Ms. Barton