Flag Day - A Private School Education

Flag Day is a welcome reminder that our nation's stars and stripes represent our freedoms to act, believe, and choose as we want. When it comes to education, there are plenty of options out there from public to homeschool and everything in between. Hopefully this may reinforce some of the benefits of a private education, which for Seacoast means providing students with a Godly foundation while preparing them for life after graduation.

It's personal. When you go to a school like Seacoast, you are anything but a number. On campus, it doesn't take long to notice a sense of belonging, which is a result of building relationships. In the classroom this means we get a closer look at where to develop your student's strengths and weaknesses, and teachers can better differentiate learning based on individual needs. 

It's well rounded. We believe that we are developing the whole student, not just the academic student. Our arts and sports programs come alongside academics to enhance talents and promote confidence in students. Our staff are are more than just educators  – they mentor, lead spiritually, and act as accountability figures as students grow in their relationships with God. We aim to show that we worship God in all that we do.

It's challenging. Lessons for our core subjects not only meet Florida state standards, but they also meet the standards of our accreditation association, Association of Christian Schools International. Our teachers include lifelong educators, former public school teachers, and passionate professionals. The common thread is that they all have a calling to teach at a high level that will both challenge and inspire your student.

It's accessible. We do our best to accommodate your needs by making school an extension of family. Our campus is centrally located between the north and southsides, and just across the bridge from downtown. Scholarships are available to families and we welcome students of diverse backgrounds.

We hope to connect with you and continue the conversation about what makes our education unique! Download the Seacoast Christian Academy app (Andriod and iOS) and find us on Facebook @Seacoast Eagles if you haven't already.