Kickball grades vs grades, teachers vs students. So much fun! Go to our Instagram and Facebook pages to see videos
3 days ago, Heather Mariotti
The Hinkle Horn Honkers ( Dr. Seuss Sleep Book) are proud to announce, Dr. Seuss Week, next week. This is a Elementary only fundraiser for a new playground. See attached flyer for details. Payments are to be made at the Elementary front office.
4 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Dr Seuss flyer
Our Students had a great time during the Soccer Shots Fun Day! Sign up for weekly lessons on soccer fundamentals, character building, following directions, core strength, and just plain fun!!
5 days ago, Angel Gastfield
It's hard not using your hands!
K2 focused on standing on one foot
Patting their head and rubbing their bellies
DRESS DOWN WEEK- Middle and High School. Show your spirit, your favorites and just have fun.
6 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Senior Fundraiser- Dress down $5.00
Chapel- Bible Jeopardy- Middle Vs High School. #knowyourbible #competitive #jeopardy. #pickmepickme Middle School WINS! For a video go to our Instagram or Facebook page!
6 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Jeopardy Board
pick me I know the answer
Bible Jeopardy Middle School
Jeopardy High School
1st Semester A & A/B Honor roll students. Many of the students awarded are studying virtually. So, they did not get their smart little faces in the pictures. #smartypants # studyhard # ABhonorroll #Ahonorroll .
13 days ago, Heather Mariotti
20/21 1st semester Honor roll
MSHS Chapel-Mr. Seevers was our guest speaker today. The fruit of the Spirit. How can we Love our Enemies . Seriously good Stuff! Go to our Instagram or Facebook page for a video of our own Mrs. Martin showing her Fruitful Spirit!😅🥥🍌❤️
20 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Seevers Chapel
Culinary1- baking and decorating cakes. #bakeacake #buttercream #eagles #tastetest #yesplease
25 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Culinary1 bake cake
“Learning the different types of components that make up a computer” “assembling a computer from scratch” “Creating 3D designs for their class project” “Watching a print being made in the 3D printer”
25 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Comp digital media
Chapel this week. Words are free it is how you use them that costs!
26 days ago, Heather Mariotti
Can never take them back
Complement or Bully
Our Chapel speaker today, Mrs. Mariotti, shared her story about the power of prayer. Faith doesn’t make it easy, it makes it possible. 🙏
about 1 month ago, Gina Fafard
Our Chapel speaker Mrs. Mariotti shared her story about the power of prayer.
Mrs. Sturgeon and our kindergartners - coffee filter diffusion art
about 1 month ago, Heather Mariotti
Coffee filter art 3
Coffee filter art 2
Coffee filter art 1
Aviation students participated in an activity today that modeled the docking of the Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft in 1975, a mission that represented the first international joint effort in space between the Americans and Russians. The activity highlighted the teamwork it took to complete the mission of docking two spacecraft that were not similar, while relying on mission control to instruct position changes. Go to our Facebook page or Instagram @scaeagles1 to see the video!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mariotti
Dock the Apollo
When Jesus saw the crowd he had compassion... Our own Mrs. Coad shared her story of being a missionary Proverbs 3:5-6
about 1 month ago, Heather Mariotti
Celebrating our Basketball and Volleyball Seniors!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mariotti
Senior Volleyball
Senior Basketball
Mrs. Martin gave her testimony in Chapel yesterday. She had the students attention from the start. You could have heard a pin drop.
about 2 months ago, Heather Mariotti
Mrs Martin Chapel
Congratulations to Mrs. Richard's! SCA WINNER of the Christmas spirit and best Christmas outfit! Merry 🎄 Christmas Seacoast have a blessed Christmas Vacation!
2 months ago, Tess Interdonato
2 months ago, Heather Mariotti
Loading up the Seacoast sleigh with Shoeboxes of Love for the City Rescue Mission here in Jacksonville. Thanks to our students, staff and families for making this mission project a success!
3 months ago, Gina Fafard
Shoeboxes of Love
MOSH is in the house! 6th graders building obstacle course for their robotics. Great fun, Thanks MOSH!
3 months ago, Heather Mariotti