Short Term Programs

Mini High School

The Mini High School Program is perfect for students who wish to have a taste of what it is like to be a High School student in the United States.
This is a great choice for students to have a short experience before committing to a Semester or one year abroad. It is also a great opportunity for students who, for any reason, cannot come to the regular High School Program and still want to have a cross-cultural experience, as well as improve their English proficiency.

Students will attend SCA for a month or more and take regular High School classes, enjoy lunch in the school cafeteria and participate in after-school events, clubs, and activities, together with our regular students.
The academic curriculum taken during Mini High School will depend on the student’s age and will be adequate to provide the maximum benefit out of this experience. Subjects such as American History, English and Literature will be compulsory.
Extra-curricular activities may be taken by students, as long as there is no conflict of schedules. These activities are: Arts, Dance (ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc.), Multi- media, Physical Education and some sports practiced on campus, such as American Football and Taekwondo.
The Mini High School students will also enjoy some of the many clubs offered by Seacoast, such as Archery, Culinary, Nutrition, Sewing, Photography, Drama, Group Discussions, among others.
Mini High School offers a minimum duration of 15 days and a maximum duration of 4 months.

Intensive English

The Seacoast Christian Academy summer program includes 15 hours of classroom instruction per week by teachers trained in ESL (English as a Second Language). Students are challenged to improve their listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills through dynamic face-to-face instruction in small class sizes.

Water Parks, Museums, Zoos, Beaches, Florida State Reserves, Sporting Events, Trips to the Movies.
Seacoast is proud to host students from different parts of the world

Lifestyle Highlights

  • ● Experience the American lifestyle by living with a Host Family

  • ● Incredible social sports, entertainment, and cultural activities available

  • ● Prom, Homecoming and special Field Trips!

  • ● 15 minutes from sunny Jacksonville Beaches

  • ● 2 hours from Orlando Theme Parks

  • ● 45 minutes from famous oldest city in America – St. Augustine