When I first came to Seacoast Christian Academy, I was apprehensive about studying alone in the USA, so I decided to come for the Summer English Program first. The experience was so great, that I took a huge step and decide to come back and graduate at Seacoast!
This school changed my life. Seacoast taught me a lot about myself. It taught me about friendship, leadership, how to grow spiritually. My best years of High School were at Seacoast, with my new American and international friends, who made me realize how big the world is.
Seacoast teaching method also provided me the ways to improve my English and be accepted at USF (University of South Florida), where I have been studying Political Sciences.


Two years ago, I visited Jacksonville, Florida, as an exchange student. The school I chose to visit was Seacoast Christian Academy.

I can say that I really enjoyed going there every day, because there was a good atmosphere at the school, and the students and teachers were friendly and helpful.
My host family really made me feel like being home. They are such nice and caring people, and I am so glad that I could get to know them and spend time with them. I think that Jacksonville is a beautiful city, that has a lot to offer. There are a lot of activities you can do during your free time. But what I liked the most were the warm temperatures and, of course, the beach and the sea.

I really enjoyed my time in Jacksonville, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that I will never forget!



Hello, my name is James Zhao and I graduated from Seacoast Christian Academy in May 2019. I am currently studying at University of Florida, in Electronic Engineering major. Having studied at Seacoast for 3 years helped me in such a way, that now I am equipped with knowledge that will be applied in life. There is no stress at school, and it has always been fun to learn and talk to the teachers about different topics.
Joining football and basketball teams have also been great experiences that helped me to have a better understanding of concepts such as teamwork and leadership. Most importantly, everyone is friendly in this school and there is a strong sense of Christian atmosphere. The school develops leaders that not only are intelligent, but also glorify Christ. I appreciate the chance and the love that this school has given me, and I want to take the opportunity to say that it is always a pleasure to be part of the Seacoast family.

Hello, my name is Lena Lorsch, I am 17 years old and I am from Germany. In 2016, I decided to visit Seacoast High School.
My Host Family was awesome
Even before I arrived in their home, we Skyped many times and we already liked each other. When I arrived in the USA, they helped me in every matter.
The school was also great; The students were very nice to me, interested in where I come from and how the German life is like. I have still been in contact with some of them.
The teachers were nice to me and understanding, especially when I didn’t know about something they were teaching.
I really liked Jacksonville. The beaches are great and there are lots of things to do. My favorite thing was probably the trampoline park. I really enjoyed this experience, and it was very sad that I had to leave