Seacoast Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Grades 9-12

Diploma Requirements

3.5 Bible

(Bible 9, OT Studies, NT Studies, Life/Career Decisions, Developing a Christian World View, World Religions, Ethics: Defining Truth)

0.5 Bible Life Management
(Health & Life Management)

4.0 Language Arts

(English I, II, American Lit, British Lit, AP Lit, AP Lang, DE)

4.0 Mathematics

(Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, College Readiness)

3.0 Science

(Biology, Marine Science, Anatomy/Physiology, Chemistry)

4.0 Social Studies

(Geography, World History, American History (Honors), Economics (Honors), American Government (Honors))
1.0 Performing Fine Arts and/or Practical Arts

1.0 Physical Education

2.0 Foreign Language

(American Sign Language I & II, Spanish I & II)

1.0 Elective

(2D Art/3D Art, Computers for College and Career, Dance, Journalism, Multimedia)

TOTAL 24 Credits

  • Seacoast Christian Academy endeavors to meet or exceed the core requirements for a standard high school diploma in the State of Florida. Therefore, SCA is unable to provide a modified curriculum for high school students with exceptional educational needs.

  • Qualified high school students may request to take available Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses. Advanced Placement courses are rigorous and have the potential to earn college credit. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are weighted an additional GPA point.

  • Students entering the 11th or 12th grade with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply for Dual Enrollment. Students are required to take all required core classes at SCA and may enroll in additional college courses at FSCJ. This is a highly rigorous academic program that requires personal motivation and discipline. Dual enrolled courses are weighted an additional GPA point.

  • Students who transfer to SCA during high school are not expected to meet all of the Bible course requirements. All students will take a Bible class for every year that they are enrolled at SCA.

  • Anatomy/Physiology, Marine Science, Electives and Fine/Practical Art courses are offered based upon student interest. They may not be offered every year.