Unleashing Creativity in the Skies

Seacoast Christian Academy's Thrilling Drone Program for Middle and High Schoolers

Embark on a soaring journey with Seacoast Christian Academy’s exclusive drone program, designed to ignite curiosity and passion in our middle and high school students. Discover the limitless possibilities of aerial exploration and videography with our state-of-the-art DJI Mini Pro 3 drones.

From Flight Basics to Sky-High Expertise

Elevate Learning with Our DJI FPV Drone Program

At Seacoast Christian Academy, we believe in hands-on education, and our drone program is no exception. Students not only master the art of piloting a DJI Mini Pro 3 but also delve into video recording, photography, and video editing. Experience the thrill of flying with precision through the DJI FPV Drone Simulator, setting the stage for a future in cutting-edge technology.

Seacoast Christian Academy Drone Class

Certified Excellence

Part 107 Instructor Guides Your Child's Aerial Adventure!

Your child’s education takes flight under the expert guidance of our Part 107 certified instructor. With a passion for both education and aviation, our instructor ensures a safe and enriching environment, empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed for responsible drone use.

Virtual Reality Meets Real-World Skills

DJI Goggles Bring Learning to New Heights!

Seacoast Christian Academy goes beyond traditional teaching methods by incorporating DJI Goggles into our program. Students get hands-on experience flying the DJI FPV drone, immersing themselves in the excitement of aerial maneuvers and gaining valuable skills for a tech-savvy future.

Seacoast Christian Academy FPV Drone Class

Your Invitation to Sky-High Excellence

Unlock the Potential of Seacoast Christian Academy's Drone Program!

Seacoast Christian Academy invites parents and students to explore the innovative world of drone technology. Our program seamlessly integrates fun and education, providing a unique opportunity for personal and academic growth. Contact us today to schedule a visit and witness firsthand the heights your child can reach with our drone program.

Ready to Soar? Schedule Your Campus Visit Today!

We warmly invite you and your child to experience the thrill of our drone program at Seacoast Christian Academy. Witness the excitement, creativity, and skill development that take place in our classrooms. Our dedicated Part 107 certified instructor ensures a safe and enriching learning environment, preparing students for a future filled with technological possibilities. To embark on this unique educational journey, simply submit the form below to schedule a personalized tour of our campus. Seize the opportunity to unlock your child’s potential with Seacoast Christian Academy’s Drone Program – where education takes flight

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